Monday, June 30, 2014

Sheila Styles: Casual Summer Style

The temps are high, the humidity is full blast, and the sun is out!  It is officially a full blown Iowa summer.  When the wilting heat is a daily reality, how do you keep a fresh look?  Our Shop owner Sheila is here to help you out!  She has styled 4 easy, breezy looks that promise to be cool and comfortable.  

Look 1: Chic Shorts with Metallic Touches 
Top: Knot Sisters Simple Top $46
Shorts: Revival Resale J Crew Shorts 
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals in Gold $38
Bag: Revival Resale 2 Tone Purse -SOLD
Sunnies: Replay Sunglasses Tortoiseshell Roundies $18
Fada NYC Tortoise Watch Necklace -SOLD
Larisa Loden Brass Cage Necklace: $42
Revival Custom Made Iowa Charm: $28 (click to shop)

Look 2: Cut off Cool
Top: Knot Sisters Simple Top $46
Shorts: Revival Vintage Cut Offs (tip: find a pair with at least a 2.5" inseam)
Shoes: Revival Resale Sam Edelman Jeweled Sandals SOLD
Bag: Street Level Khaki Foldover Bag $56 (click to shop)
Sunnies: Replay Vintage Aviators $18
Scarf: Watercolor Tasseled Scarf $16
Fada NYC Brass Point Necklace $16
Fade NYC Beaded Whistle Brass Necklace $22
Made Community Turquoise Drop Earrings $36

Look 3: Simple & Smart

Dress: Glamorous Simple Style Cotton Dress: Gray $46
Scarf: Watercolor Tasseled Scarf $16
Wallet: Deux Lux Dottie Wallet (available in black) $58
Sunnies: Tort Round Sunnies $14
Bag: Revival Resale Denim Purse -SOLD
Nail Polish: Scotch Naturals Polish in Tartan Swizzle $15
Fade NYC Beaded Long Necklace -SOLD
Son of a Sailor Hand Dipped Navy Pendant -$38
Made Community Lapis Drop Earrings -$36

Look 4: Color Bomb! 

Dress: Glamorous Simple Style Cotton Dress: Black & White $46
Scarf: Pink Daisy Infinity Scarf: $16
Clutch: Baggu Golden Leather Pouch: $44 (click to shop)
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals: Red : $38 (click to shop)
Sunnies: Replay Vintage Roundies
Gold & Tassel Necklace $22
Son of a Sailor Handpainted Leather Cuffs $28 per 
Son of a Sailor Beaded Earrings $58

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#tbt: A Rock'n'roll Style Evolution

Our Lady Liz (a BLONDIE): 1993
My original intention for “Throwback Thursday” was to write about how my personal style has changed throughout the years but as I flipped through old photos, I realized there are aspects of my style that haven’t changed much since high school. I was alarmed at this prospect. I began picturing those aging women we’ve all seen late night at the grocery store wearing too much make-up, mall bangs circa 1985 and the same acid wash bomber they wore in high school. Instead of looking currently retro-grunge-chic (as seen in Urban Outfitters nationwide) the ravages of time and excess have made them hangers on of a bygone era.

Our Lady Liz: 1987
Disturbingly, my eighth grade self clad in friendship bracelets, white nail polish, a band tee and basic black mini, mirrors my current look. I flashback to the white nail polish I bought at Sephora last weekend and fidget with the friendship bracelets stacked on my wrist.  My comfortable go-to outfit, a high-waisted skinny jean, simple tee and leather jacket suddenly feels juvenile. “If you wore it the first time around, you shouldn’t wear it again,” is a common refrain overheard at the store. This begs the question; can we revisit our own fashion’s past and still move forward as self-respecting style mavens?

Our lady Liz: Present Day.  Gorgeous photo by Barry Phipps
I believe we can but it’s a fine line between re-imagining our old favorites and looking like we stepped out of a time machine. The trick is to update accessories, hair and make-up. Even though two-tone hair is making a comeback, I will not be revisiting my blond on top, black underneath rock and roll shag anytime soon. My jewelry is understated and while I sport some friendship bracelets, I forgo the layered necklaces, scarves and Doc Martin’s that once accompanied my look circa 1990. I know the friendship bracelets will have to go at some point and waistlines are always changing but the perfect tee, a basic mini and a motorcycle jacket never die.


And a few extras...just for fun.

Little Liz was always a cat lady: 1984

Liz goes goth: 1994

Current photograph by Barry Phipps.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Guest Blogger: One Great Dress//Three Great Looks

It officially feels like sum-sum-summertime friends, and frankly our closets are feeling a bit stale.  Our former favorite looks seem too hot, too sweaty, too blah! A refresh is needed, but how do you build a fun and fresh summer wardrobe without blowing that budget & starting from scratch?  Our guest blogger Claire's answer- select a few key anchor pieces and use your own accessories to create multiple looks.   Don't be afraid! Using our Michelle Maxi in Crimson from Knot Sisters (a maxi on a petite frame? a bright color? a mesh waist detail? GASP), Claire shows us how it's done.

Knot Sisters Michelle Maxi Dress in Crimson 
Okay, ladies. Summer is the time to be bold: in color and in clothing choices. Hues like electric blue, bright white and watermelon abound. Shop windows are filled with dresses that you admire – but how do you fit those pieces into your closet? How do you wear a dress like this? 

I’ll show you three ways.

Simple & Pretty
Look 1: With a statement dress like this one, you can downplay your styling, allowing it to remain the star. Put your hair in a messy bun, grab a boho handbag from your closet, and use its materials and hardware to match your jewelry. Choose shoes that are complementary to the bag, too, and you’ll a have simple, versatile look that can easily be worn from day to night. 

Weekend Warrior

Look 2: Pull your hair down and use on-trend summer staples pieces like a denim jacket to create a look for an outdoor concert or wandering through streets of summer festivals. Aztec-inspired adornments like these earrings from Justin & Taylor Jewelry and a metallic Baggu stunner will transform this dress from easy breezy to cool and casual.

Vintage POP
Look 3: Or, take your attire back in time by mixing in vintage prints and more color. This sea green floral necklace, matching Erica Weiner scarab bracelet and vintage feline clutch add a touch of quirk to this look, while keeping it girly. With a headscarf, a coral lip and some classic Ferragamos, and you’re glam and ready for date night! 

About our blogger: 

Claire McGranahan has been a loyal fangirl of Revival since the store opened in 2003. Aside from fashion, Claire loves coffee, banter, cooking and collecting gemstones. She's been called a documenter more than once. Check out more of her photos herehere and here.